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When the hunted becomes the hunter, who will be the first to fall?

Skye MacKenna has been on the run most of her life. Different names. Different Cities. Now she will face those who have hunted her by taking

the battle to them, back to where it all began―New York. Currently the city is run by the Vampires, with the FAE nipping at their heels for control. Once on the inside of the political upheaval, can Skye uncover who killed her family before they locate and eliminate her?


Skye of the Damned is a story about a girl, Skye MacKenna (played by Lauren Steinmeyer) who has grown up on the run all her life. Before she's even five years old, her father goes missing and then in her early teens her mother is murdered, leaving her in the capable hands of her stepfather. This lifestyle has made her awkward, cynical, untrusting, and a bit withdrawn. However, she understands heads to New York City for answers, since that is where here parents ran from before she was born.

Once she arrives in New York, she meets up with a college pal, Madison (played by Kara Addington) and is brought into the world of the FAE (Fallen Angel Errant) and the Vampires, who run the city. The Vampires are the rich, weird, partying, famous people (celebrities of today) of this world. From the research Skye has done, this is where she needs to be to get answers, but the minute she arrives, people start dying. Soon people start noticing that these deaths and Skye's arrival coincide and begin to wonder if Skye is behind these murders? Is she trustworthy? Or worse yet did she kill them?

As the series goes on, we plan to explore the life of people in New York, the idea behind family, what it means to belong, and the concepts of destiny, honor, unconditional love, sacrifice, and forgiveness. It's not unlike a show you might watch on tv or Netflix, except there's vampires, and fallen angels, magic, and...wait it IS like a show you'd see about regular people, we just happen to have some supernatural beings. 

We hope you enjoy our creation! Thanks for watching!

UPDATE: Skye of the Damned is now a novella series with Books 1 and 2 available online. You can learn more by going HERE.

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