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It was important to us when we made decisions regarding the music for SKYE that it reflected not just the goth/industrial scene, but that we touched on the other styles while still making sure it worked for the episode in question. Specifically, we wanted music that fit our aesthetic but that branched out from the usual suspects, so to speak. This is why you'll find groups below who are widely known, such as Assemblage 23, while other bands are mostly known in their origin city, such as Tattermask, who play a lot of gigs and get radio airtime in Charlotte, NC. We were also excited to use a group who has consistently held high ratings online with, a Metal band our to NYC called Plague of Jackals. I think by doing this, it helped round out our music a bit, though not as much as it would have if the series had been able to go further. 
Sometimes we knew ahead of time what music went with an episode, while other times we did not; opting to make that decision once we saw the edited version. Either way, we are very happy with the music in the show and with the bands we had the honor to work with. Below are links to their YouTube videos, band websites, and more, so you can enjoy their work as much as we do. -Tamsin L. Silver     

Episode 1

Song:  Transient

Band:  Panic Lift

Album: Is This Goodbye?

Episode 2

Song:  Rex Mortuus Est

Band:  System Syn

Album: Strangers

Episode 3

Song:  Wannabe

Band:  Tattermask

Album: After the Storm

Episode 4

Song:  Hope

Band:  System Syn

Album: End

Episode 5

Song:  Absence

Band:  System Syn

Album: All Seasons Pass

Episode 2(Web Version)

Song:  Noise Inside My Head

Band:  Assemblage 23

Album: Bruise

Episode 2(DVD Version)

Song:  Sky of the Damned

Band:  Plague of Jakals

Album: Rikers  

      (Coming out early 2017)

Song:  Sky of the Damned

Band:  Plague of Jackals

Album: Rikers  

      (Coming out early 2017)

Song:  We Are the Vampires

Band:  Trans Atlantic Crush

Album: Remember

Episode 6

Song:  My Poison

Band:  Ayria

Album: Hearts for Bullets


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