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SKYE MACKENNA (Lauren Steinmeyer) - The current name for a young woman in her early 20’s who has been moved around the US all her life, hiding from dangers never truly explained to her. When she was twelve years old, her mother was murdered, and because Skye blames herself (and because of the danger she knows she is in), Skye begins to take classes on self defense and finds a love for sword work. However, due to moving around a lot and her hesitation in trusting others, she's never had a lot of friends, is a bit awkward, and can tend to be a bit rash and blunt when not opting for staying withdrawn. She is also a bit of a bookworm, loves cats, and has now moved to New York to figure who killed her mother, and take her revenge.

MADISON PARK (Kara Addington) - A woman in her early 20’s who went to college with Skye MacKenna and has moved to New York City to become an actress. While pursuing her dream, she works for a temp agency. She is a bit larger than life, tends to learn things the hard way, wears her heart on her sleeve, and would do anything for her friends. She is part witch.

KYLE LAWSON (Josh Fielden) - A young man living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He is part witch and part FAE. He moved to New York from Tennessee to study music. He graduated but didn’t go home. Instead, he stayed, in hopes to form a successful band. He is single, fun-loving, affectionate, and awkward at times. He is the half brother to Madison Park and his roommates with Nicolai Jordan and Jillian Murphy.

DJ PHAEDRA (Sara Hogrefe) - Blonde, blue eyed woman in her late 20's/early 30's and part of the goth/industrial scene and friends with Joelle and the rest of the gang. She DJ’s a lot of the club nights and is a social butterfly in the nicest sense of the word. She isn’t much for getting her hands dirty both physically or metaphorically, but she’s sweet, sincere, and cares about her friends a lot. She is leary of Skye to begin with, but she warms up to her more than some.

AMARA RAINE (Kelly Driscoll) - A beautiful Vampire woman who is knows for her mean streak. Often referred to as a “bitch,” she just has a different set of rules she plays by. She is a tomboy, has military training, was once a drug addict before she was turned, prefers pants to wearing a skirt, and if she had her way, no pants at all. She is in a relationship with Silas Winters that Facebook would call, “It’s Complicated.” She works nights at a rehab center.

SILAS WINTERS (Andrew Rogers) - An old, yet gorgeous, Vampire man who is known for putting his foot in his mouth often due to not always thinking before he speaks or acts. He is stylish, well dressed, works as a model for money, is wealthy, has a thing for clothes, is rather vain, prides himself in his excellent hair, and couldn’t stay faithful to one woman if his life depended on it. Yet, though he has many faults, he is trustworthy and dependable when it comes to work/business. He is currently in a “relationship” with Amara Raine and works for Prince Cillian Black, the Vampire Prince of Manhattan.

NICOLAI JORDAN (Matt Cullen) - A pretty, blonde, gay man in his late 20’s who works in marketing. He is Kyle Lawson and Jillian Murphy's roommate. He is currently single and playing the field, a lot, after things fell apart with his latest ex-boyfriend. His best friends are Joelle Meadows and Jillian Murphy. He believes he is part FAE and blames his ex-drug problem on that.

JOELLE MEADOWS (Briana Redmount) - A petite, tomboyish woman with short hair, and in her mid 20’s. She moved to New York to get away from her super religious family. Her closest friends are Phaedra and Nicolai…and even they don’t know much about her background or family. She works for a goth clothing store in the city but in her free time she writes. 

SHANA DUNE (Audrey Hayner) - King Xavier’s personal bartender. She only works at his clubs, specifically the ones he attends. She is good friends with DJ Phaedra, Madison, and Joelle. King Xavier found her on the streets of New York, homeless, and gave her a job five years ago. No one knows much about her life before Xavier rescued her.

HAYDEN FLETCHER (Philip Pepin de la Cal) - A tall man who appears to be in his late early 30’s and has just arrived in New York. He is friends of the Murphy family and has just moved to the city. As he is a trained fighter, he is currently looking for a job in security for a business or club.

JILLIAN MURPHY (Christa Sparks) - A FAE woman who works for the Vampire King of New York City, Xavier Keenan, against the will of her family. She and Xavier have been friends since they were young and she is neck deep in all that he is involved with. It is joked that she, and not the King, run the city. She lives with Kyle and Nicolai.

FINN MALLOY (Mark Rosenthal) - The big man with ginger hair who Skye continues to run into all over the state. No one knows who he is or why he’s around. But Skye is sure it has something to do with her mother, and that he is possibly been hired to kill her.

DETECTIVE GRANT CARTER (Christopher LaCour) - A Detective for the FAE Police Department in New York City man who appears to be in his mid 30’s. He’s passionate, hot headed, loves to push other peoples buttons, is relentless, and one of the best at his job. He has been partners with Detective Steele the longest of anyone else. They are known as the dream team in their department.

DETECTIVE DORIAN STEELE (Tyler Jakes) - A Detective for the FAE Police Department in New York City who appears to be in his mid 20’s. He could be easily mistaken for a political figure with his cool demeanor, his ability to work a room, and yet he has an almost flawless bedside manner. This is due to his upbringing in the Royal FAE Household. He has been partners with Detective Carter for five years.

DETECTIVE BROOKE DELANEY (Rachel Grundy) - A Detective for the Vampiric Police Department in New York City who appears to be in her early 30’s. She is easily riled up, not afraid to speak her mind, intelligent, observant, and a stickler for the rules. She’s an activist for women’s rights, vampiric women’s rights, and has been around much longer than she appears. Her old partner transferred to the Drug Unit and has been paired up with Detective Vale.

DETECTIVE ETHAN VALE (Cedric Jones) - A Detective for the Vampiric Police Department in New York City who appears to be in his mid 30’s. He is an attractive, gay, African-American man, who has just returned to New York from an assignment overseas. He has recently been partnered with Detective Delaney and finds her to be exasperating yet brilliant. He respects her, but as they are new partners, he is still learning what makes her tick.

DECLAN SINCLAIR (Hunter Thore) - Deputy Chief of the Vampire & FAE Security Department (VFSD). He is a Witch on both sides of his family and one of the most powerful in the United States. He is next in line to be Chief of the VFSD and follows the rules to a tee. His job is his religion.

KING XAVIER KEENAN (William Welles) - Vampire King of New York City by birth, like his father before him, and his mother before that. He is gentle, kind, known for helping the homeless, giving jobs to the poor, donating time and money to law to soup kitchens, and owns many clubs and bars in New York. As the city is currently run by the Vampires, King Xaviar is the last word on most everything that involves supernaturals, and sometimes, even humans.

PRINCE CILLIAN BLACK (Jet Berelson) - Vampire Prince of Manhattan and next in line to the throne of New York City itself due to his mother being King Xavier’s younger sister. Though he adores being Prince of the city, his love for it is based more so on the things it provides than the job itself. Such as women, alcohol, money, partying, and being famous. However, just because he is not a fan of running things, don’t cross him. He is not afraid to make the hard decisions, he just would prefer not to.

PRINCESS GARNET SURKOV (forgot her name) - Vampire Princess of Brooklyn. She is the first in line to be offered the opportunity to run Manhattan if anything happens to Cillian Black or if he moves up to be King. She is tall, beautiful, conniving, and deadly.

PRINCE TOBIAS WORTHINGTON (Austen Auh) - Vampire Prince of Queens. He is the next in line to be offered the opportunity to run Manhattan if Princess Garnet turns it down. He is a flamboyant gay man who is lovingly nicknamed the Queen of Queens. He loves his life, his job, and his many men. He is well respected by his subjects, as he is a very giving person.

PRINCE MARCEL MONTGOMERY (forgot his name) - Vampire Prince of The Bronx. He is the next in line to be offered the opportunity to run Manhattan if Princess Garnet and Prince Tobias turn it down. He is tall, suave, and watches people. He knows more than anyone realizes and he will use that to his advantage when the time is right.

PRINCESS PORTIA JANE (Monica Blaze Leavitt) - Vampire Princess of Staten Island…who takes being a princess very seriously…right down to a handcuffs, a whip, a paddle, and a dungeon to call her very own, as long as you call her Mistress. Has been known to yell, “Off with her head”…but only twice has she actually gone through with it. She’d tell you she’d love nothing more than to leave Staten Island, but she really is happy being the big cheese on a small island.

BALTHAZAR BANE (Martin Boersma) - A mysterious man who has been Cillian's Bodyguard for most of his adult life. His background is unknown.

CAMERON THALE (Ariel Pacheco) - A man who has recently moved to the city from the Dominican Republic to work for his cousin, Prince Marcel, as his bodyguard. He has been known to act first, ask questions later.

MARISOL HART (Deanna Roseen) - A woman who has worked for different branches of the Vampire Royals around the world and was just promoted by Princess Garnet to be her personal bodyguard.

MONROE KARSTEN (E Calvin Ahn) - A man who is both lover and bodyguard to Princess Portia. He can go from a lovesick puppy to a killing machine in seconds.

AARON MATTHEWS (forgot his name) - A man who is in charge of not only Prince Tobias’ wardrobe, social calendar, and stylist appointments, he’s also his bodyguard.

ELLA, THE FAE QUEEN OF THE SEELIE COURT (Sarah Mack) - A beautiful and regal woman with a love of games, parties, dancing, and her family. The Queen is the only Seelie able to produce more than one child in her lifetime. Her eldest girl, Melodie, ran away years ago and no one speaks of her. It is the only bit of contention the woman carries. She tolerates humans better than the Unseelie Queen, though, she’s likes to speak to them in riddles and has no qualms with using them as pawns.

DANAE, THE FAE QUEEN OF THE UNSEELIE COURT (Leanna Renee Hieber) - A stunning woman with a mean streak she hides behind her beauty. She enjoys playing with humans, as well as taking them as lovers and slaves, but she holds a severe level of distain for them that follows in her mother’s footsteps, who followed her mother’s footsteps, and so on, back to the beginning of time.

ALARICA GAGE (Sarah Murdoch) - A woman and Knight of the Royal FAE Household. She and her brother, Alexie, are excellent fighters and stand at the side of the Unseelie FAE Queen; Danae. However, Alarica is moonlighting…with Finn Malloy.

ALEXIE GAGE (Sam Ogilvie) - A man and Knight of the Royal FAE Household. His sister, Alarica, and he are two of the best FAE fighters of the Unseelie Court, and because of that, they are Queen Danae’s personal protection.

KELSEY WOLFE (Mary St. Angelo) - A woman and Knight of the Royal FAE Household. She and her brother, Kerian, are world renowned fighters and were chosen many years ago to stand at the side of the Seelie FAE Queen; Ella.

KERIAN WOLFE (Christian Vernon) - A man and Knight of the Royal FAE Household. His sister, Kelsey, and he are two of the best FAE fighters of the Seelie Court, and stand to the right hand of Queen Ella.

JASPER DEAN (Joshua Price) - A mysterious man with dark hair and light blue eyes who works for Declan Sinclair who is prone to flashbacks he doesn't understand and his back is covered in scars.

IONA STEELE (Ariel de Ment) - A FAE woman who is a member of the Royal Family but works for Declan Sinclair as his bodyguard. She is intimidating and deadly.

JACKSON REECE (Vince Philip) - Skye MacKenna's adoptive father who has kept her hidden and safe with his family in upstate New York ever since her mother was killed.

TOM (Jared Barel) - The bassist of a band who has been cheating on his girlfriend, Cara. He’s a bit of a tool…and squeamish at that.

CARA (Lindsay Astor) - A woman unfortunate enough to have thought dating Tom was a good idea. She is smart, sassy, and strong…and will soon realize her error.

MRS. VIOLET MURPHY (Melissa Silver) - FAE woman, mother to Jillian.

MADDOX (To Be Revealed in Time) - Only known by one name and he is thought to be the big bad in town that no one knows anything about.

BRENT CALDWELL (Adam William Souza) - An assassin for hire. Tends to work for Maddox.

PAUL BANNER (Casey Matteson) - An assassin for hire. Tends to work for Maddox.

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